A thin sheet rubber product that seals between two static surfaces of a metal flange or other joint. Suitable for a variety of movement modes: rotary motion, axial reciprocating motion or combined motion. Suitable for a variety of different sealing media: oil, water,gas,chemical media or other mixed media;  Simple design, compact structure, convenient assembly and disassembly.
Suitable for various sealing forms: static sealing, dynamic sealing;
The cross-sectional structure of the flat gasket is extremely simple, and has 
self-sealing function, and reliable sealing performance;
Because the structure of flat gasket and its installation part are extremely simple and
Standardized, it is very easy to install and replace.
Rubber flat gasket can play role in cushioning,sealing,buffering and etc.

There are more advantages as follows: Good surface gloss
Excellent resilience
Excellent sealing effect
Excellent weathering resistance
Excellent & stable chemical compatibility of material
Non-Standard models can be customized
Can be customized according to customer drawings
Mature technique 
table quality

Washer has outstanding performance of high and low temperature resistance, maintains good elasticity in the temperature range of -70℃—+260℃,ozone resistance and weathering aging resistance. It is suitable for sealing gasket in the thermal machinery. It is non-toxic, can be used for heat insulation, insulation products and medical rubber products. At the same time, it has excellent properties such as waterproof, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, abrasion resistance and oil resistance. It is widely used in machinery, electronics, plumbing and other industries.
The polymer formed by emulsion copolymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile is known for its excellent oil resistance, as well as good abrasion resistance, aging resistance and air tightness.  So it is widely used in the rubber industry.
Washer has high temperature resistance, can be used in the environment of -20℃-+200℃, resistant to strong oxidant,oil,acid and alkali. Usually used in high temperature, high vacuum and high pressure environment, also suitable for oil environment, widely used in petroleum, chemical, aviation, aerospace and other sectors.
Rubber flat gasket is widely used in automobile, electronics, chemical industry, 
anti-static,fame retardant, food,medicine,various machinery and equipment industries.
It has many properties such as waterproof, flame retardant, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, ozone resistance, weathering resistance, aging resistance and etc.
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