Coated O Ring

Coated PTFE o-ring is a special process on the surface of o-ring evenly coated with a layer of PTFE. 
It has many characteristics: 
Making PTFE evenly distributed on the surface of O-ring,
Improve the performance of O-ring, the coating does not change the size of the O-ring,
Improving the self lubrication of O-ring, increasing the use and storage time of O-ring,
Enhancing the sealing of O-ring, meeting the customer's requirements for color 
Diversity of O-ring, the cost is much lower than encapsulated of O-ring,
No stickiness (avoid adhesion affecting use and storage)
Improve the temperature resistance of O-ring (low temperature / high temperature)
Reduce friction coefficient
Increased wear resistance
Improve corrosion resistance
Enhance insulation
Coated O Ring is widely used in automotive, garden irrigation equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic, coal, machinery, 
medical, hardware, sanitary ware, water equipment and other industry. 

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