Encapsulated O Ring

Encapsulated O Ring is made of o-ring cord(silicone/FKM) with FEP/PFA by special process, FEP/PFA on the outside with its chemical inertness and an elastomeric on the inside for resilience. It has many characteristics: highly effective long lasting seal for most demanding application, low coefficient of friction, excellent gas permeability, the surface without joint is uniform and dense, good resistance to hardening and brittleness, excellent chemical resistance, suitable for almost all chemical media, excellent corrosion resistance, wider temperature range(-60°C~220°C),good compression resistance, excellent anti friction performance, unlimited size, excellent resilience and smooth/self-lubricating surface.

Carefully selected high performance materials ensure the performance of O-ring
The unique FEP/PFA welding technology ensures that the interface is completely uniform and smooth. Advanced process control ensures accurate inner diameter and section diameter. Unlimited size space to meet the needs of all customers. Strict quality control system to ensure that all customer needs are met. Considerate technical support ensures customers' confidence. Strong chemical corrosion resistance. 

In addition to the molten alkali metal and some fluorine-containing compounds, 
it has strong corrosion resistance to other acids, bases, alcohols, ketones, degreasers and oils. It can be used normally in the temperature range of - 60 ℃~ + 250 ℃.
(the material of elastic inner core and cladding material is different, and the service temperature is also different). It can be used in food, medicine, medicine and other fields with high health requirements. It has the function of physiological inertia, sterilization and disinfection.
It has low friction resistance, no adhesion and creep effect.

The elastic inner core has good spring back, which greatly improves the sealing effect of O-ring.
Mechanical seal, diaphragm seal, cooling system seal, mechanical pump seal, filter frame seal, air conditioning regulating valve, reusable syringe, butterfly valve, decompression / emergency valve, corrosive fluid seal, high purity water manufacturing system seal, low pressure quick disassembly pipeline system seal, chemical plant large diameter cover seal, pressure vessel seal, flange seal, compressor seal , gas supply station, vacuum station, milk / beverage supply station, automobile engine air filter, food / cosmetics / medicine / pesticide filling machine.

Working pressure: up to 25MPa, it is recommended to use retaining ring when it is above 5MPa.
Working temperature: - 60 ℃ ~ + 250 ℃.
Working medium: almost all liquid, gas and chemical media.
Although the product size and recommended size of the fully coated O-ring are the same as those of rubber O-ring, the tensile property of the coating material is poor, so attention should be paid to it in installation and use. The project which is difficult to install must be completed with the help of auxiliary installation tools, so as not to damage the O-ring and lose the sealing function. Attention should be paid to anti cutting, anti extrusion, anti twisting and anti fouling during installation. 

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